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Become a Sponsor of Lyman Rowing

Your sponsorship will enable all of our rowers to attend the End of the Year Banquet free of charge

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Traditionally, Lyman Rowing Association hosts an End of the Year Banquet to celebrate the successes of our rowers and get together as one big family to wish our seniors well.Many of you have attended a Lyman Banquet in the past and know how special it is.Last year, we had to hold the awards section and senior speeches of our banquet virtually.We were not able to hold a silent auction either.Covid changed so much for so many of us.It has also changed the way our team has had to practice (masks and social distancing) and recruiting (basically no face to face recruiting at the school).It also changed the way we can and cannot fundraiser.It has been a trying time to say the least.

We are so proud of our rowers and the obstacles they have overcome this year.We are determined to have a beautiful banquet; one they can remember forever.Usually, we like to invite as many alumni and alumni families as possible; however, this year with the threat of Covid still around us, we are unable to open the invitation to everyone.We will let you know if tickets become available for additional guests for the Lyman Rowing End of the Year Banquet and Silent Auction.

Why I am reaching out to you today is for a favor.With less fundraising and less people able to be in attendance, we are needing help to pay for our rowers to attend banquet.We have already received a donation from Twisters Michigan’s Amusement Park, Inc. to help offset the cost.Now I am hoping you can help with a donation to help a dedicated group of kids to be honored for their achievements and resilience despite the difficulties Covid has brought to the team.